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- How does the Pledge Manager work?

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Please make sure you read the instructions below :)

If, after you SIGN IN, you only see the following categories: SHIPPING CREDIT - FAQ - BLOG, it means that you did not pay your shipping fee when you pledged. In that case, click on SHIPPING CREDIT and follow the instructions. Access to the miniature section of the Pledge Manager is restricted until your Shipping Fee is paid up.

Below you'll find step-by-step instructions about how to use the Pledge Manager
However, before that, please note that

  • the Pledge Manager closes on June 17 June 19.
    For many logistical reasons, there are no plans to re-open the Pledge Manager after that. So please make sure you've selected your rewards before that date.

  • for the same reasons, we will only ship to Drop Ship Locations AFTER the closing of the Pledge Manager.

  • you can only Check Out ONCE from the Pledge Manager!
    You can fill up your cart, log out, log in a few days later, change your selection, etc. As long as you don't clear your cookies, your selection should be remembered.

  • Before you proceed to Check Out, make sure you've spent your entire Store Credit
    Once you finalise the checkout process, your Reward Selection is finished (see Step 5 – Checkout below for more details on this).

  • There is a live chat in the Pledge Manager. When we are not online you can use it to leave us a message. The live chat is located at the bottom right of the website.


Quick Start

The Pledge Manager is set up like a webstore but with restricted access.

We have already created an account for each one of you and calculated your store credit based on your pledge level and, in some cases, the money you may have added to your pledge through Paypal.

Here are the key steps to follow:

  1. Sign In with your Kickstarter email (or Paypal if you pledged with Paypal), but DO NOT Create an Account. Click on 'Forgot your Password' to get a Password.

  2. Once you're signed in, look at your Store Credit (on the lower left handside of the page) to see what your Pledge gives you to spend.

  3. Make sure you add Drusilla and all the Freebies one-by-one, otherwise you won't get them.

  4. You can spend more than what you pledged. Just add all that you want to your cart.

  5. Spend ALL your Store Credit BEFORE you Checkout.

  6. When you Checkout, 'Pay with your Store Credit' then 'Proceed to Payment' where you'll be able to pay with Paypal or a Credit Card.

These steps are explained in greater details below, with lots of additional info.

How to use the Pledge Manager

First, if you haven't read our previous Update explaining how Shipping is handled with the pledge manager, please read it now as it contains crucial information on Shipping options and shipping cost.

Then, please read the following instructions carefully. They are not complex but the steps outlined below need to be followed precisely.

Step 1 – SIGN IN

Summary: To Sign In for the first time, you'll need to use your Kickstarter email address (or your Paypal email address if you pledged with Paypal) and proceed as if you had lost your password. By following a standard procedure for recreating a new password, you'll be able to log into your personal Pledge Manager account.

To enter the Pledge Manager for the first time, you must SIGN in.
We already have created an account for you, you just need to reset its password.


Do the following:

  • Click on SIGN IN, at the top of the page
  • On the new page, click on 'Forgot your password?'


  • On the new page, in the Email Address field, type your Kickstarter email address (or your Paypal email address if you pledged via Paypal)
  • Follow the instructions to create a new password
  • You will then be able to sign in.

 What could go wrong:

  • Occasionally, some mail servers (like gmail) may take up to 15 minutes to send you your password instructions
  • If you get this message “No account was found with the email address xxxxxx@xxxx.com. Double check your email address and try again”, either you used the wrong email address, or else there is a problem with your account.
    If you try again and it doesn’t work, please contact us at ragingheroesteam@gmail.com and we will fix it.


As soon as you sign in, on the lower left of the page, you will see that you have you very own 'store credit' based on the amount you pledged:


Your Store Credit equals (=)

  • the funds your pledge level gives you to spend
  • plus (+) the extra funds you may have added
  • plus (+) the funds you allocated for shipping
  • minus (-) $15 for Drusilla (the KS exclusive) if you pledged for Cadet or Painter Box ($95) or above.
    (See Step 3 about Drusilla.)

If you forgot to pay for Shipping, you will not see any miniatures, but only a Category called Shipping Credit. Just follow the instructions on the page and you will soon be able to make your Rewards Selection. (More instructions on Shipping here.)


You can spend your Store Credit on anything you see in the shop! 

But first, make sure that you take care of the following:
(please note that depending on your Pledge Level, some Categories may not appear on your Pledge Manager)

  • If you see the category Drusilla, your pledge (Painter/Cadet Box ($95) and up) entitles you to 1 Drusilla.
    Make sure you add Drusilla to your cart. If you don't add her, you can't get her :(
    Please note that, as Drusilla is the Kickstarter exclusive, you can get only one Drusilla mini – Also Drusilla is a mandatory item, that's why we've already deducted her cost from your store credit.

  • If you see the category Freebies, then your pledge (Lieutenant Box ($165) and up) entitles you to 1 of each Freebies. Make sure you add each Freebie to your cart. One by one.
    You will see that their cost is $0.00. They do NOT reduce your Store Credit.
    But don't forget! Because if you don't add them, you can't get them...


Want to increase your pledge to get more minis?
No problem! Just add everything you want into your cart and pay for the additional items at checkout.


Please note: You are allowed only one Checkout from the Pledge Manager!
You can fill up your cart, log out, log in a few days later, change your selection, as often as you like. As long as you don't clear your cookies, your selection should remain in your Cart.

But, once you actually Checkout, your Reward Selection will be processed!
This means that it is sent to us for Fulfillment.
If you want to add new stuff to your selection, you will have to create a new “order”, and you will have to pay the full standard shipping fee again.
This means that, even if you choose Wave Shipping or Drop Shipping, you will not be able to alter your selection once you have passed through Checkout.

Also, please remember that the Pledge Manager will close on June 17 June 19 and, unfortunately, will not re-open after that.

When you have completed your selection, Proceed to checkout.
Complete the Billing and Shipping section, then add Shipping (your store credit includes your shipping fee – review Shipping Fees and Options).

Then, you MUST choose 'Pay using my store credit' (unless that option is not available).
If you don't, then your store credit will not be deducted from the total when you reach the Paypal payment page.


If there is still an amount left over to pay after that, then click Proceed to Payment.

You'll be taken to a Paypal page.
There, you can sign in to your Paypal account to make payment, or you can pay with a Credit Card without creating an account.
(In most countries, Paypal gives you the option to pay with a credit card without creating an account. If that option is not available, you may need to clear your browser's Paypal cookies first.)


If you have problems or questions while using the Pledge Manager, do check out the FAQ.
For any questions related to the Pledge Manager, you can also reach us via the chat window, or via email.


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