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The creation of the KST


The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter all began with Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova. This mini was without a doubt our biggest hit. Ivanka generated so much interest that we quickly wanted to delve deeper into her background and find out more about her.

She was launched during the summer and she did so well that we immediately thought about creating a winter version of her to release her for Christmas. We talked about it to several of our fans and retailers, and they were all very much enthusiastic.

So we began sculpting her. And then, something strange happened. There was definitely another girl trying to come to life through Ivanka's sculpt. Fairly quickly, we realized that it was Ivanka's younger sister Malinka. It was intriguing to see her slowly taking a life of her own without any consideration whatsoever for our Christmas plans... So we went with the flow and that's how Kommander Malinka Kurganova was born. And when we saw the two sisters together, it was obvious that someone was missing in the family: Ivanka was the good student, Malinka was the young turbulent and spoiled younger sister, and so, an elder sibling, more mature and accomplished, was needed to round up the team. And there she was, Admiral Olga Kurganova.

So much for our plans for a Snow Ivanka...

The three Kurganova sisters did extremely well, and they also felt like the beginning of a good story. We knew that we'd have to bring more of this family to life, and give them a full army to carry out their orders. At first, it was only the Jailbirds. But once again, we realized that the 3 sisters were calling for something else. The lowlife big-mouth bad-attitude Rambettes were not good enough for them. They needed a much higher-class and professional army. And so, this is how the Kurganova Shock Troops were born.

But it was still not enough for them, because now, they needed a real enemy. Something that would match their might. And so, instead of just one army, we ended up with three.

And we know that some of you were a bit surprised to encounter Daddy Kurganov thrown into the midst of these furious ladies. But we definitely wanted to extend the Kurganova family, and yet, we wanted something a bit special and different. It would have been easy to add their mother or grandmother, but somehow, don't ask us why, the three girls wanted their father.

And so, after all of this, we stumbled again upon the first Snow Ivanka sketches. And it felt like full circle. Ivanka was the one who started it all, and so we owed her her snow version. So make sure to have a look at Snow Ivanka here.


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