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2 Pop-Up Workarounds


→ 2 WORKAROUNDS to the annoying pop-up every time you click Add to Cart

  1. Either simply right-click on an "add to cart" button and click 'open on new tab'. The item gets added to the cart and then you just have to close the new tabs.
  2. Or, open all the items you want (click on each item with your center click, if you have one).
    Then, just go from one tab to the other and ‘Add to cart’ on each page. You'll populate your cart faster, without losing your place.
    You might want to do this for each category... For example, open all the Freebies in different tabs, then click Add-to-Cart for each tab.

I can't modify this pop-up thing, as it's a security feature of the Cart system, to ensure that what is in the cart is exactly what you want. But I agree with you all, it's annoying.


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